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Library Research Support: Open Research: Writing a good Data Management Plan

This guide is intended to provide advice and support on open access research, including guidance around Durham Research Online (DRO), open access publishing, research data management and related topics.

Data management planning

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a short document which explains to your funder and to your collaborators how you intend to manage your research data during and after your grant funding period.  Writing a DMP should not be seen as an administrative burden but rather an opportunity to convince your funder that you have a strategy for managing research data responsibly.

UKRI has written Guidance on best practice in the management of research data.  This is essential reading for all researchers even if your funder is not UKRI.  At the end of the UKRI guidance, there is a DMP template which describes what you need to include in your DMP.  Please read it.

After reading the guidance, you should write your DMP using the DMPonline tool.  The tool includes published DMPs but you will need to filter the list by funder because there are too many DMPs to scan.

Please follow these steps to write your plan:

  1. Browse to DMPonline
  2. Create a DMPonline account using your Durham e-mail address
  3. Login with your Durham institutional account credentials.  This should link your two accounts.
  4. In your dashboard, notice that some DMPs have been shared by other Durham researchers
  5. Choose CREATE PLANS and select a DMP template based on your funder or choose the Durham University standard template
  6. Choose WRITE THE PLAN and answer all questions as best as you can.  Notice the extensive guidance on the right-hand side of the user interface.  This is the most difficult part.  Each question relates to a specific aspect of data management.
  7. Choose SHARE plan and enter the e-mail addresses of your collaborators.
  8. If you'd like your DMP reviewed by the University's Research Data Manager, Nicholas Syrotiuk, please click REQUEST FEEDBACK.