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Library Research Support: Open Research: Top 10 Downloads

This guide is intended to provide advice and support on open access research, including guidance around Durham Research Online (DRO), open access publishing, research data management and related topics.

Top 10 Downloads 12-18 July 2020

  1. Visscher, A. J. and Coe, R. (2003) School performance feedback systems : conceptualisation, analysis, and reflectionSchool effectiveness and school improvement., 14 (3). pp. 321-349.
  2. Coe, R. and Aloisi, C. and Higgins, S. and Major, L.E. (2014) What makes great teaching? review of the underpinning research. Project Report. Sutton Trust, London.
  3. Hind, Karen and Konerth, Natalie and Entwistle, Ian and Lewis, Gwyn and Theadam, Alice and Chazot, Paul (2020) Cumulative sport‑related injuries and longer term impact in retired male elite‑ and amateur‑level rugby code athletes and non‑contact athletes : a retrospective study. Sports medicine.
  4. Munro, E. and Cartwright, N. and Hardie, J. and Montuschi, E. (2017) Improving child safety : deliberation, judgement and empirical research. Durham: Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS). CHESS working paper.
  5. See, B.H. and Wardle, L. and Collie, P. (2020) Teachers' wellbeing and workload during Covid-19 lockdown. Working Paper. Durham University Evidence Centre for Education and Schoolzone, Durham.
  6. Reinhorn, L. J. (2007) Butter mountains and wine lakesEconomics letters., 94 (2). pp. 197-201.
  7. Gowland, R. L. (2015) Elder abuse : evaluating the potentials and problems of diagnosis in the archaeological recordInternational journal of osteoarchaeology., 26 (3). pp. 514-523.
  8. Hackett, S. and Holmes, D. and Branigan, P. (2016) Harmful sexual behaviour framework : an evidence-informed operational framework for children and young people displaying harmful sexual behaviours. Project Report. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), London.
  9. Lindsey, I. and Metcalfe, S. and Gemar, A. and Armstrong, J. and Alderman, J. (2020) Simplistic policy, skewed consequences : taking stock of English physical education, school sport and physical activity policy since 2013European physical education review.
  10. Toll, D.G. and Abedin, Z. and Buma, J. and Cui, Y. and Osman, A. S. and Phoon, K.K. (2012) The impact of changes in the water table and soil moisture on structural stability of buildings and foundation systems : systematic review CEE10-005 (SR90). Technical Report. Collaboration for Environmental Evidence.