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Library Research Support: Open Research: Depositors

This guide is intended to provide advice and support on open access research, including guidance around Durham Research Online (DRO), open access publishing, research data management and related topics.

Easiest way to deposit in DRO?


Email your final accepted peer-reviewed manuscript to The DRO Team will create a Staff Profile record, transfer a copy record to DRO, check the publisher's repository policy and deposit your file OR

  • Create your own Staff Profile record
  • Upload and attach your final accepted peer-reviewed manuscript
  • Link any Durham co-authors to the record which enables its display on their DU web page as well as yours


DRO Deposit Guide

Staff Profile system (via Appsanywhere)

  • Open web browser and connect to
  • Login with your CIS username and password
  • Locate Google Chrome from the array of apps and click Launch Remote
  • Connect to
  • Login with your CIS username and password
  • From left-hand menu select:
    • My profile
    • Edit publications
    • Add publication

Create record

Either select a publication category and enter basic details or choose the Import by DOI:

  • Copy/paste the DOI to look-up some of the details
  • Select Submit publication to check if the record is already in the system:
    • If it is, Add yourself as a co-author
    • If not, Create publication to save

Upload file

  • Locate and open Durham File Explorer from the array of Appsanywhere apps
  • Look for an icon labelled C ON LAPTOP ... this refers to your own laptop
  • Navigate your own local folder(s) and find your file(s)
  • Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste to your own Durham network folder
  • Select Upload full text for deposit in DRO at top of screen:
    • Browse to locate your file
    • Upload file

Additional guidance

The version accepted for publication by the publisher, including changes arising from peer-review, but before copyediting, typesetting and proof correction. If you use Microsoft Word, it would be your final revised Word version - but we will convert and upload as a PDF.  View Research England's diagram showing the accepted manuscript as part of the publication process.


  • If you have published under Gold open access, you can upload the published Version of Record (VoR), but if you’re not 100% certain you are going Gold, please upload/send the accepted manuscript – the VoR can be added later
  • If your publisher requires use of their template, we can accept this version

Publishers' repository or author self-archiving policies are found on copyright agreements, licences and publishers’ websites. But the DRO Team will check the details for you when you provide your accepted manuscript or email the DRO Team and ask them to check. Below are summary details of ten leading academic publishers.

American Chemical Society 12
American Physical Society 0
Cambridge University Press 0-6
Elsevier Journal-specific
Institute of Physics 12
Oxford University Journal-specific
Routledge Journal-specific
Royal Society of Chemistry 12
Sage 0
Springer 12
Wiley Journal-specific


If a publication record has been created in the Staff Profile system, and you have been correctly linked to the record then:

  • Check that the 1st column is ticked for the particular publication
  • Select Update Choices at foot of screen

If the record still fails to display, please email the DRO Team for further options.