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Library Research Support: Open Research: Wellcome OA Funding

This guide is intended to provide advice and support on open access research, including guidance around Durham Research Online (DRO), open access publishing, research data management and related topics.

Request funding: Wellcome

The library is now in receipt of a small Block Grant from the Wellcome Trust from 1st October 2020 - 30th September 2021. This award is to fund the open access publishing costs for original research papers which have been supported in whole or in part by Wellcome, and published in line with their Open Access policy.  

The Block Grant can be used for:

  • Eligible Article Processing Charges (APCs) incurred on or after 1st October 2020.
  • For eligible journal articles reporting original primary research supported in whole or in part by Wellcome.

The process for applying for costs associated with monographs / book chapters remains unchanged and authors should liaise with Wellcome directly. Please see the guidance on Wellcome's webpages about this.

The Block Grant is unable to cover any costs associated with non-OA publication costs (e.g. page or colour charges) 

How to request funding

Please use the journal checker tool to check that your journal is compliant with Wellcome's policy.  This is a new tool and if you need any assistance in interpreting the results please do get in touch. 

Contact to request funding with the following information:

  • Wellcome Grant ID number
  • Title of article
  • Journal name 
  • Confirm a CC BY licence will be selected
  • Confirm the article is not commissioned by the publisher

To ensure that the article can be funded from the grant it is advised that you get in touch at the point of submission.  Checks can then be carried out on the journal and we can advise you if there are any potential compliance issues.

Although the Block Grant we are in receipt of is quite small, we are able to request top ups from Wellcome throughout the grant period - therefore, if you are aware of any forthcoming articles that will need funding, please let us know as soon as possible.  This will allow us to communicate our requirements to Wellcome and reduce any delay to supplementary funding. 

Articles submitted prior to January 2021

If you article was submitted prior to January 2021, when the new policy commenced, please contact to discuss your options for funding. 

Policy changes from 1st January 2021

The changes to Wellcome's policy will have a direct impact on what we can use the Block Grant to pay for: we will be unable to pay for APCs for any hybrid journals that are not part of a transformative agreement.  The journal checker will be able to help you identify any non-compliant journals.  Durham University currently have a number of 'Read and Publish'/transformative agreements with a number of publishers which will be eligible, including:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • Oxford University Press
  • Sage
  • Springer
  • Wiley


Information on complying with the Wellcome policy can be found on their webpages.