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Our Services: Reading Lists: Submitting reading lists

A guide on how to create and maintain reading lists using Talis Aspire


Library provision of reading list materials and the protocol for submitting lists for processing is very different to the established procedure this year. Please read the following very carefully.


In response to the University's decision to adopt a blended model of teaching and learning in 2020-21, it is vital that students are able to fully access all essential library materials online. Although the physical libraries should be open, access is likely to remain limited. It is also likely that not all students will be present on campus at all times and the necessary quarantining of books (for a minimum of 72 hours) means that access to the library’s print collection will be more challenging. The potential for further lockdowns continues to be a threat.

Principles for 2020-21

If library support is needed for modules delivered in 2020-21, tutors will need to develop reading lists that align with the following key principles:

  1. Essential readings to be selected from existing online provisions wherever possible
  2. If any essential reading is not available online, select an alternative title from the library’s existing online resources
  3. Investigate the option to purchase e-book versions of titles only where there is no other choice, bearing in mind that many titles - especially textbooks - are simply not available for purchase with a library licence
  4. The Library will not buy new print books to support teaching this year. Where there is no online option available, consider selecting key extracts from an existing print copy for scanning (in accordance with relevant copyright permissions)
  5. Set any materials not available in the library or only available in print as 'optional' reading and flag to students that library access may not be available. 

Checking for online access

  • Check for existing e-books using the catalogue with the e-books filter in the drop-down menu applied.
  • Where an e-book isn't already available, check for library licences using Gobi and LibCentral.
  • Where an e-book is not an option available, check whether sections can be scanned.
  • Where there are no suitable online options available, discuss potential solutions with your Faculty Librarian.

Submitting your lists

Online reading lists should now be maintained by the module tutors. Request editing rights from if you don't have them already. New materials can be added or deleted using the instructions available in the Talis Aspire tab near the top of this page. Books already in the collections can be added to a reading list from their records in the catalogue or Discover using the Talis bookmarking tool. Books not already in the collections can be flagged for purchase by bookmarking them from an external supplier like Amazon or the publisher's web pages, adding them to the relevant reading list, then by selecting 'Request review' from the edit menu above the list.