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Research Skills: Support for your dissertation

A guide on research skills

Dissertation Support: Online Tutorial

We have provided an online learning tutorial to support students in preparing for and completing their dissertation. Each module can also be worked through independently, and are available for all students and staff.

  • You can access the whole online tutorial here.
  • We have provided access to individual modules via this page.

Dissertation advice 2020/21

This short video outlines some of the things you should consider in relation to library resources when deciding on a dissertation topic

Meet the Team

Simon Speight

Simon Speight

Richard Holmess 224x224

Richard Holmes

Richard Pears 224

Dr Richard Pears


Ben Taylorson

Colin Theakston 224

Colin Theakston

James Bisset

James Bisset

01 - Introduction to Dissertation Research

Dissertation Module 1: introduction

04 - Bibliographic Databases

Dissertation Module 4: Bibliographic Databases

02 - Using Catalogue & Discover

Dissertation Support: Module 2 - Catalogue & Discover

05 - Accessing Full Text Online

Dissertation Module 5: Full Text

03 - Basic Literature Search

Dissertation Support: Module 03 - Basic Literature Searching

06 - Referencing

Dissertation Module 6: Referencing

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