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Remote Store Retrievals

We don't have room for all our books at Bill Bryson Library, so we operate a remote store to keep less used books in. When you search on the catalogue, you will sometimes fine an item location is listed as 'remote store.' This means you'll have to place a request for it. 

All items previously held at Leazes Road Library are now located in the Remote Store. Heavy demand items will be relocated to Bill Bryson Library.

To request a book from our Remote Store, simply find the book record in the Catalogue or through Discover, scroll down to the ‘More Information’ field and click ‘Request item from remote store’. Fill in the form and an email will be generated to Library staff to alert them to the request. 

Store items are retrieved once a week, usually on a Tuesday. 

Customers receive an email when the books arrive at the Bill Bryson Library and this will usually be generated on Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings at the latest. You will need to book a Browse and Borrow timeslot to collect your item(s). 

Items will be placed on the yellow reservation shelf (situated in the Short Loan area) in the Store section. 

Books are kept on the reservation shelf for a full week until the following Tuesday morning and uncollected items will be returned to the Store. 

To make a request from our store, please complete this form.